Testimonials - Tomas Orihuela

Customer Testimonials

Thank you so much for the amazing pictures! We had so much fun! Can’t wait to share with our friends and family. -- Angie P., New Orleans, LA

You photographed my niece recently. I love all your photos! You capture something other photographers do not. It's not just a photo. I am transported into that moment. I can feel the emotion, feel the ambiance. -- Lisa S., New Orleans, LA

A very BIG thank you! We had a fun time doing this shoot this morning. You definitely captured the personality of our family. The photos have exceeded my expectations. And I'm so thrilled that our visions were synced. -- Lorraine D., New Orleans, LA

The  photos are AMAZING! I cannot thank you enough for sharing your talent with us! I cannot wait to wallpaper my house with them! - Nikki K., Chicago, IL

You are the talk of the town here in Chicago! Everyone is going nuts over the photos; even people Mike does business with! Gotta love it! Thank you again for capturing a memory that will now be seen throughout a lifetime! - Nikki K., Chicago, IL

Thank you for the amazing photos. They will be treasured always. -- Christy C., New Orleans, LA

I am still amazed from yesterday! Not only are the pictures amazing but it was a lot of fun. -- Josie M., Metairie, LA

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