Bio - Tomas Orihuela

I'm a freelance photographer based out of New Orleans, Louisiana. My photography style is to artistically capture a special moment while including the environment.

I’m also a registered professional engineer in the State of Louisiana where I design offshore platforms for  the Oil & Gas industry. So basically, I’m a geek with a camera! Although I may be technical, I am more about capturing the moment - the beauty I see! I also like to treat my photographs as art. They are priceless fine art to me! ;)

I am an endurance runner where I've completed 10 marathons plus a 39-mile trail race. I’m also a three-time full Ironman finisher.  As a triathlete, I cannot wait to get through the swim and cycling portions in order to get to the sport I love the most!

One of my trail running photographs was published on a two-page spread in the March 2017 issue of Trail Runner Magazine. A few of my other photographs have been posted on Trail Runner Magazine’s social media platform.

I'm always learning and constantly working on improving my photographic skills.

Read a few of the testimonials from clients.

Click here to see some of my work that has been published or licensed.

I hate being photographed!

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