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March 26, 2019

Art(ist) Work Series

Michael Peart - Peart Republic

Michael Peart specializes in handcrafted interior functional artwork and architectural elements for residential and commercial dwellings where he combines steel with other mediums to create art and furniture. Since 1990, he has been creating custom designs and has collaborated with architects, contractors, owners, designers and other artists.

I spent one afternoon with Michael watching him converting steel into art. He was creating art pieces inspired by St. Charles Avenue. I just watched and photographed him as he worked. I would carefully move my lighting around since I didn’t want to hinder his work flow. Sometimes I used my lighting; other times, I just used natural lighting.

  • 20170728-132542-24832
  • 20170728-130055-24800
  • 20170728-125743-24795
  • 20170728-130722-24810
  • 20170728-131247-24818
  • 20170728-131333-24820
  • 20170728-131941-24823
  • 20170728-132034-24825
  • 20170728-132508-24830

He had a small area displaying some of his work where there was an impressive sliding steel door and a few unique art pieces and furniture. Out front of his then studio location was a collage of art pieces. Of course, there needed to be a fleur-de-lis in there, we are in New Orleans after all!

  • 20170728-142653-24878
  • 20170728-143702-24889
  • 20170728-143850-24896
  • 20170728-151003-24928

As I was packing up my gear, Brieux Carre Brewing Company, a local craft beer brewery, stopped by to pick up a custom steel barricade that included their logo. I captured a few images as they loaded the barricade onto a truck. After the barricade was secured in the truck, Michael jumped into my car and we headed to the Faubourg Marigny area to see in the barricade in front of Brieux Carre. We also walked over to Vaso to check out the custom barricade he also built for them.

Visit the photo gallery to see all images captured during the session:

You can find Micheal Peart at:

Instagram: @peartrepublic

Facebook: Peart Republic

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