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Art(ist) Work is a series showcasing New Orleans local artists as they create their artwork in their studio or workspace. The initial artists I am working with I have met through the New Orleans running and triathlon communities.

I will be working with artists who create paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, photography, films/videos, jewelry, performing arts, graphic design, architecture,  and perhaps many others! A personal goal is to capture images that tell a complete story without using words. I prefer wide-angle shots that capture the environment so I tend to miss some of the detail shots that can tell a bigger story in just one image.

Kalaya Steede Landry || Artist/Metalsmith

New Orleans, LA  -  November 2019

Photo Gallery

See Kalaya 's work at:

Website: www.kalayasteede.com

Instagram: @kalayasteede

Charlotte Rolfs || Studio Charlotte

New Orleans, LA  -  August 2019

Photo Gallery

See Charlotte 's work at:

Website: www.charlotterolfs.com

Instagram: @studio.charlotte

Caity Opelka || Calligrapher/Artist

Bywater (New Orleans), LA  -  June 2019

Photo Gallery

See Caity's work at:

Instagram: @imcaity

Craig McMillin || Studio McMillin

Folsom, LA  -  May 2019

Blog Post

Photo Gallery

See Craig's work  at:

Website: www.studiomcmillin.com

Instagram: @craigmcmillin

Facebook: Studio Mcmillin

Michael Peart || Peart Republic

Michael specializes in combining steel with other mediums to create functional artwork and architectural elements.

New Orleans, LA   - July 2017

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Photo Gallery

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